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Free Seats for Injured U.S. Servicemen & Women

Posted by Bill Corcoran on

Without making any type of statement regarding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,
We at Bath Extras are willing to donate for free a tub seat for those servicemen & women who had severe damage to their limbs, especially legs.

We believe our seat will help these persons tremendously, providing they have a standard tub, as shown in our FAQ’S.

It’s unfortunate for us, however there are some seats that come from manufacturing that have small and minor blemishes, natural divets in the wood.
We do not sell these seats, trying to maintain quality control. These blemishes do not in anyway affect the function or use of our seats and these seats will last a very long time.

It is these seats with only minor blemishes that we can give away free to those who may have been seriously injured by ied’s.

If you or someone in your family or friend has been injured in these wars, please reach out to us, to inquire about a Free tub seat.

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