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The many uses of Butt Bench

Posted by Bill Corcoran on

As we created this product we were thinking of the obvious reasons for it, Women, Seniors and anyone with a disability.

Based on customer comments this list of uses has grown :
1. Take it with you as you travel, it fits in most hotels.
2. Fantastic for pregnant women.
3. Great for Mom & Dad
4. Sit, relax, let the hot water run and create your own steam bath.
5. Sit and soak your feet.
6. Shaving, sit and shave your legs with ease.
7. Bottle storage and management, for the whole family, no more falling bottles into the tub.
8. Sit and bathe a small child, no more kneeling on the floor.
9. A shelf for children’s toys while bathing.
10. Sit and control your pet while bathing them, no more kneeling on the floor.
11. Great gift for Loved ones.
12. Good for today’s Metro Man’s bath products.
13. Great for the infirm, disabled, injured.
14. Great Replacement for ” The Chair” that awkward medical looking clumsy chair use by many seniors.
15. Restore a certain amount of dignity by removing the clumsy chair and replace with a simple, safe seat the whole family can use.
16. Adds a warm natural beauty to the bathroom while being incredibly handy.
17. Holds candles, books, drinks, while bathing.
18. Teen age girls LOVE it, Moms Love it and the Seniors have been Thankful.

We are certain there could be other uses that we have not heard about or thought of, Please leave you comments or suggestions.
We’d love to hear your ideas !

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