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Will Butt Bench® fit into my Bath Tub?

All of our butt benches measure 29 inches in length and will fit a standard size tub with at most 30” in width (View Diagram). There should be at least an 2 inches of space on the sides of the tub where the Butt Bench® will rest on. The sides or rim of the tub should be flat. There’s a strong chance that the bath bench might slide off on a round-sided bathtub. Butt Bench® may not work on bathtubs over 60 years old. Will Not work on bathtubs with glass sliding doors. One piece fiberglass tub and wall units also will not work. Only tubs as shown in (View Diagram) will work.

Can this Bathtub Seat hold my weight?

Butt Bench® can hold up to 300 Lbs. under normal usage as a bathtub seat.

What’s the difference between Butt Bench® made from Pine and the one made from Cedar?

For the purpose of Butt Bench®, the difference is the price. Cedar is basically an expensive wood material. We are offering the Pine wood as an alternative for the budget conscious people. Pine is also a hard wood and weighs heavier than the Cedar. These are both sealed to protect them from water giving you a long lasting use of the bath bench.

Will the suction cups of the work on my uneven bathroom tiles?

No, the suction cups will only work on smooth flat-surfaced bathroom tiles or wall panels.The suction of the cup will not work if any part of it rest on the grout line.

Can I order a custom-sized bath bench for my tub?

Not as of the moment.

How do I install Butt Bench®?

Slide suction cups to avoid the grout line between the tiles. The suction of the cup will not work if any part of it rest on the grout line. Tighten them by turning it clockwise. (To loosen, just turn the suction cup counter clockwise)

Moisten the cups with a little bit of water then push the bench to the wall.

How To Install Video

How do I remove the Butt Bench®?

To take the Butt Bench® out of the tub, just peel off the suction cup from its lift tab. Do not try and pull the entire Butt Bench® from the hold of the suction cup.

What is the estimated time of delivery?

The estimated time of arrival of your package will depend on the carrier’s handling of your package. We use The United States Post Office for all our Shipping.It can vary between three days to a week or more depending on your location. Shipping to West Coast normally takes one week.

Important Safety Measures:

Read and follow installation instructions before using the Butt Bench®
Close adult supervision is necessary when this product is being used by or near children. Do not leave children unattended when Butt Bench® is installed in the bathtub. Butt bench is primarily meant for sitting. Apply great care and common sense when using it for other purposes. Do not stand on the butt bench.

Return Policy: All items are returnable if they are defective and unused. Returns and exchanges will not be accepted after 10 days from the date of receipt of the purchase. We’ll send a refund for the purchase price upon receipt of the returned item. Submit proof of claims for damaged items due to shipping upon receipt. Shipping cost is not refundable.

Liability: Bath Extras LLC will not be held liable for any injuries resulting from improper installation of this product and not following the safety measures stated above. Under no condition will Bath Extras LLC and any manufacturers they contract be held liable for any loss, damage, expenses or bodily harm from the use of Butt Bench®.