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Posted by Bill Corcoran on

The Butt Bench is Made In America 100%.  We are helping support several companies across the U.S.A.    Wood mill from Oregon, North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania.  Including assembly plants, finishing companies, injection molding co., suction cup co.,  specialized stainless steel screw and nail co.,  Trenton boxing co., digital printing co, and more.

Are are selling simple and inexpensive accessories, yet helpful items that work well.

We chose to sell the suction cup type of grab bar because anyone can install it and anywhere.  Metal grab bars require a professional installation, drilling thru tiles, etc.

The tub rail is a handy item for those entering or leaving the tub area, and the simple but effective Bath Step works well for those who might be infirm.   The shower body sprays are all great to have because they work so well.  If you have not yet changed your shower head to a hand held body spray, you should.  It functions as a fixed shower head as you have now, but you can make them spray in different functions.  The best reason is because it’s attached to a 5′ hose, which can be picked up and use to rinse out tub and area, and also used while sitting on the Butt Bench.  We are offering in particular two sprays that have a  Pause button, which is very helpful for bathing and other uses

We want to provide useful and helpful products that will help people in the tub with Butt Bench.   We welcome any suggestion for additional products or comments.

Bill & Mae Corcoran

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