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To Our Canadian Friends

Posted by Bill Corcoran on

We believe our site will function with all Canadian zip codes and give a cost for shipping, should you have any problems or questions, Please write to us directly through ” Contact Us”

Unfortunately The U.S. Post Office only uses Priority Air Mail for shipments to Canada and is priced accordingly;

All 12″ pine seats, clear or color   $32.35        All 15″ pine seats clear or color $ 36.05

12″ cedar seats  $28.65        All 15″ cedar seats  $30.50

There is not much we can do about the costs of shipping to Canada, besides drive it there, and…………well the costs including gas, tolls, hotels, would be Nutz !!

We mention this for those from Canada because we have shipped many there already, but felt we could give you a “heads up” on the costs.

NOTICE : For Canadian customers, we are offering a discounted Shipping rate of $20.00 on all purchases, until Mothers Day May 13, 2012.

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